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    The Brokenshire Pag – Asa School of Theology community spearheaded by the College’ President, Rev. Leopoldo R. Naive, Ph. D., celebrated its 25th founding anniversary last July 13, 2010 with some Ministers and Church Workers from different churches within the Southeast Mindanao Jurisdiction.

    The celebration started with a thanksgiving worship which was held at the 2nd floor of Martha’s Place. Mr. Gabriel B. Atega was the guest preacher during the celebration. Mrs. Macrina Geconcillo, the wife of the late Dr. David Geconcillo, the founder of the Pag – Asa School of Theology, was also present during the worship. Solidarity messages were also shared from the Southern Mindanao District Conference (SMDC), Southeast Mindanao Jurisdiction (SEMJur) and the General Assembly and expressed through Rev. Elmer N. Zapanta, SMDC Conference Minister, Bishop Modesto D. Villasanta, Jr., Bishop SEMJur and Bishop Reuel Marigza, General Secretary, respectively. Also, 25 symbolic candles were lighted which implicates the 25 years that PST have been in service to the community of believers.

    After the thanksgiving worship, a concert for a cause was held at 5 o’ clock in the afternoon until 9 o’ clock in the evening at the Bishop Proculo Rodriguez Chapel, which was actively participated by all PST students and attended by several members of the church as well as students of Brokenshire College.

    The College would like to thank Dr. Evelyn Fabie and Mr. Gabby Atega who willingly offered financial help for the 25th year Anniversary of PST and to PST itself.

    The day ended well and happily which shows God’s continuing blessing to the Pag – Asa School of Theology. (written by: Yona L. Arintoc)