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A student who wishes to cross-enroll in another school seeks approval from the dean. The registrar endorses the cross-enrollment and releases the permit. A student is allowed to cross-enroll in another school only on the following conditions:

a. The student is graduating during the current semester or summer term.

b. The subject to be cross-enrolled is not offered at Brokenshire College and has the same course description and number of units as that offered in another school.

c. No cross- enrollment is allowed for major cognate subjects in Nursing, such as Chemistry 1, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Psychopathophysiology and etc.

d. Submit clearance to enroll before you can proceed to enrolment. All grades of subjects taken in a current semester must be complete before you can proceed to enrolment.



Any student who wish to shift or transfer from one program to another will observe general policies.

• All subjects taken from Brokenshire College are reflected in the Transcript of Records

• All subjects that are credited must be included in the computation of the Weighted Percentage Average.

• Academic departments may impose conditions and requirements for approval of shifting applications

• Student who wish to shift should follow procedure stated below:

• Ask permission from the dean or program head and get a copy of shifting form
• Proceed to the Registrar’s Office for re-evaluation and crediting of subjects
• Present evaluation form for approval to the dean/program head for advising of subjects to enroll.
• Follow the standard enrollment procedure

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